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Get Your Tax Refund Fast

Get your tax refund faster when you e-file and use direct deposit! You can deposit your IRS refund on a debit card, prepaid card, or into a bank account. This short video shows you how to deposit your tax refund onto an AccountNow prepaid card. It’s fast, easy, safe, and your tax refund goes directly […]

Why AccountNow Prepaid Debit Cards

  Video Transcript – Why AccountNow Prepaid Debit Cards Are you tired of check cashing fees? Bounced checks and overdraft fees driving you crazy? Introducing the AccountNow Prepaid Visa Card. AccountNow provides the perfect alternative to a checking account without the hassles and hidden overdraft or bounced check fees. Customer: Before I found AccountNow, payday […]

Get Your Tax Refund Faster

Video Transcript: How to Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund  Get your tax refund early this year and have the IRS direct deposit your money on a prepaid card. It’s more reliable than mail, safer than cashing a check, and FAST. You can get your refund in as little as ten days. If you already have an […]