If you have recently tried to open a bank account only to be denied, it may be due to ChexSystems. Most banks use ChexSystems when reviewing new applicants, but exactly what is ChexSystems? How does it work? How can you get off ChexSystems? And how can you get a bank account if you can’t get off it?

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ChexSystems: The Basics

Introduction to ChexSystems.
Are you having trouble opening a banking account? Do you keep getting denied and can’t understand why? This may be caused by a service, used by financial institutions, called ChexSystems. What is ChexSystems and what does it have to do with you? Find out.

Common Questions about ChexSystems

Answers to the commonly asked questions regarding ChexSystems.
Who is ChexSystems? How can you get a copy of your ChexSystems report? Find the answers to these questions and others here. Each question is answered in detail to provide the best explanation possible.

Step-By-Step Guide to Disputing a ChexSystems Report

Learn how to dispute a ChexSystems report.
Just because your name is added to ChexSystems doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. This guide includes instructions for disputing a report, ChexSystems contact information, and a sample of a dispute letter.

Second Chance Banking Overview

Introduction into second chance banking.
When issues with your banking history deny you a checking account, consider a second chance bank. Second chance banking provides an alternative banking solution for those unable to get a traditional account.