With more and more people connected to the internet these days, it isn’t surprising that there is a recent trend of people choosing online banking over the traditional banking methods. Having an internet bank account can be much more convenient and accessible than going to a physical bank location to get your banking done.

If you want to find out more about online banking, check out some of the articles below. They all have helpful information about online banks.

What is an Online Bank?

New to online banking? Get a full explanation of what an online bank is.
Also, learn helpful information about how to choose an online bank for yourself. Understand the differences between accounts like cost, balance requirements, FDIC insurance and account features.

4 Advantages of Online Banking

Discover 4 advantages that online banking has over physical bank locations.
Learn why online banking has become increasingly popular as of late. Find out how online banking provides more convenience, availability, and innovation than your neighborhood bank…and no waiting in line!

Is Your Internet Bank Safe?

Find out how to tell if your internet bank is safe.
Safety is one of the biggest dilemmas people have when deciding to use an internet bank instead of a physical bank. Learn what to look for in an internet bank to ensure your money is safe and secure.

How to protect your online bank account

Find out how you can protect the safety of your online bank account.
Just like any other kind of bank account, an online account can be compromised if you are not properly protecting it. Use this guide to learn some simple things you can do to keep your online account protected against fraud.