Get your tax refund faster when you e-file and use direct deposit!

You can deposit your IRS refund on a debit card, prepaid card, or into a bank account. Learn how to deposit your tax refund onto an AccountNow prepaid card. It’s fast, easy, safe, and your tax refund goes directly onto your AccountNow card.

How to Direct Deposit Your Tax Refund

Get your tax refund early this year and have the IRS direct deposit your money on a prepaid card.

It’s more reliable than mail, safer than cashing a check, and FAST.

Get your refund faster than a paper check when you e-file and use direct deposit.

If you already have an AccountNow card, just enter your account and routing numbers when filing.

Here’s how to find those numbers:

Login to your account

Click “Faster Tax Refund”

Locate your Routing number and Account number. Notice that the Account number is not the same as your card number.

Give these numbers to your tax preparer.

If you are preparing your own taxes, enter the routing and account numbers on your tax form and select “Checking” as the account type.

But the fastest way to file is ONLINE! We make it EASY to file online.

Click “Start Now” to file your taxes with and follow the prompts.

Don’t have a traditional bank account or a prepaid card? No problem.

At AccountNow you can order your card and file your taxes with at the same time.

Go to and click SIGN UP. There is no credit check.

Upon successful ID verification, press “Click for Tax Refund” and follow the prompts.

And after the tax season, your AccountNow card can be used for more than your tax refund.

Ask your employer or benefits provider to use direct deposit to place your paycheck or benefits onto your card.

There are no check cashing fees, so you’ll save money!

Consult your cardholder agreement for applicable fees.

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