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AccountNow Mobile Check Deposit – Your Personal Information

AccountNow and Ingo take security very seriously. To help prevent check fraud we will ask you a few questions when setting up your account. In this short video we discuss the reasons for the security questions and request for personal information. Click for more details and videos about AccountNow’s Mobile Check Deposit service.

Transcript: Why does Ingo Need My Personal Information?

OK so being able to load funds from a check directly to your AccountNow prepaid card with INGO sounds like a great idea, but you may be wondering “Why all the personal questions?”

We work with some of the biggest financial institutions in the country and we take security seriously. We use your social security number to verify your identity and prevent potential check fraud.

When attached to your email and other personal info your social security number is the best way to identify good customers and stop fraudulent transactions. Easy, safe, secure. That’s INGO.

INGO. Take your money places.

AccountNow Mobile Check Deposit – How to photograph a check

After watching this short video you’ll be an expert in photographing checks for mobile deposits using the INGO Money app. It’s best to start with a good light source and dark background for contrast. Lay the check on a flat surface. Don’t hold it in your hand. The app will walk you through the steps. INGO accepts tax refund checks, benefits checks, payroll checks, and more. Click for more details and videos about AccountNow’s Mobile Check Deposit service.

INGO Video Transcript: How to photograph a check

So you have your check. You have the INGO Money app, but you’re wondering “How do I send a check to INGO?”

To send a check to INGO, just take a picture of it with your smart phone camera. It’s easy if you remember a few simple tips.

First, make sure you have signed the back of the check and you are in a well-lit area.

Next, make sure your check is on a flat surface with a dark background. Make sure to smooth out any wrinkles and shadows.

Then position your phone camera so the check lines up with the corner guidelines. Click! It’s that easy. And you’re on your way to loading check funds directly to your AccountNow prepaid card.

INGO. Take your money places.

AccountNow Mobile Check Deposit – About the Ingo Money app

You can load almost any kind of check from $5 up to $2,500 just by taking a picture of it with your smartphone phone and the Ingo Money app. It’s a great way to quickly add your tax refund check to you AccountNow prepaid card. This short video explains how it works. It takes only minutes to set up. Click for more details and videos about AccountNow’s Mobile Check Deposit service.

Video Transcript: How It Works – Take Your Money Places

If you could change one thing about dealing with checks what would it be?
Take out a few steps?
Get your money more quickly?
The ability to load money from your checks wherever you are?
Well, good news! Now there’s INGO Money. The app that lets you load funds from a check to your AccountNow prepaid card in minutes simply using your smart phone. It’s affordable, fast, and easy. After downloading the INGO Money app and creating a simple profile, you’re ready to INGO. Just snap a picture of the front and back of any check and use the INGO Money App to submit your check to INGO for review and approval. If you can wait ten days funds can be loaded to your card for free. But if you need your money in minutes, pay a one or four percent fee with a minimum fee of five dollars per transaction. If your check is approved your funds are loaded onto your AccountNow prepaid card, ready to use however you wish. It’s your money. You earned it. Now INGO is here to help you access it quickly, safely, securely. So you can get back to doing the things you love to do. Visit to learn more or download from the App Store today to get started.

Interview with 2014 AccountNow Tax Sweeps Winner – Why Choose AccountNow

Conversation with Angela about Why She Chose AccountNow

Angela won the AccountNow 2014 Triple Your Tax Refund Sweepstakes. We surprised her at her home in Alabama and presented her with her $15,000 award. We took a little time to get to know Angela, ask her how she heard about AccountNow prepaid cards, and what made her decide to direct deposit her tax refund to her AccountNow card. In this short video Angela discusses how she was tired of paying bank fees and cashing checks. As you might guess she is very happy that she chose to deposit her tax refund on her AccountNow card!

Video Transcript: Q & A – Why choose AccountNow?

So, how do you feel about being our tax sweepstakes winner?
Relieved. Excited. Surprised.
Is this your first time depositing your tax refund to your Accountnow card?
Uh-huh. It is. It is the first time.
And I almost didn’t do it!
Oh no! Why not?
I was just kind of debating on it, you know. I’d never done it before and you know how those debit cards can be scary sometimes. I’m glad I did it now.
So, what brought you to AccountNow, amongst all the other competitors out there?
Well, I did a lot of research on debit cards. I had seen a lot of advertisements about it. I researched it and it sounded good. So I tried it.
I got one and then I got my husband one too.
Oh so he uses one as well now?
He sure does.
What was it like before you started using our card?  Did you use a different prepaid card or another debt card out there?
No, I just had my bank.  I didn’t want to have to fool with all the …actually with the bank that I was using, my money got messed up. So, I cancelled my account and just didn’t have a bank account. That’s the reason I started looking for the AccountNow.
Because I was tired of paying the bank fees and all that. Getting checks cashed. So that’s what I did.
Good. Excellent!