The following fees and usage limits apply to your Card Account. There are different usage limits for customers who are on direct deposit and those without direct deposit. “Customers on Direct Deposit” means cardholders with a recurring direct deposit set up from their payroll or benefits provider. PayPal deposits, loan advances, balance transfers, merchant deposits and tax refund transactions are not considered recurring direct deposits.

Transaction fees and usage limits may change without prior notice, except as required by law. For example, you may not receive prior notice of a change if the change is made for security purposes. Fees charged could result in a negative balance in your Card Account. If that occurs, funds subsequently deposited into your Card Account will be applied to the negative balance.

Fee Type Fee
Monthly Charge (SVC CHG-MONTHLY) $9.95
& Teller Cash Withdrawals (SVC CHG CASH ADV)
• U.S. ATM withdrawals: $2.50 per transaction*
• Non-U.S. ATM withdrawals: $4.95 per transaction*
• Teller cash withdrawal: 3% of amount withdrawn.
Tip: To avoid ATM fees, select "Debit" and enter your PIN to get cash back when making purchases at many retailers, such as grocery stores.
Balance Inquiry at ATMs (SVC CHG BALANCE INQ) $1.50
Reload at Retail Location Varies by Retailer, up to $4.95.
ACH Debit fee charged each time funds are withdrawn from your Card account using our bank routing number and your account number (SRVC CHG-ADD/REM FND) $2.50 per transaction
Tip: To avoid ACH debit fees, you can use the online bill payment service we make available to you through our third party service providers (“Bill Pay”) to make payments to payees instead of using our bank routing number and your account number for payment.
Monthly Paper Statements (STATEMENT FEE) $1.00 per Statement
Additional Card (SVC CHG REPLACE CARD) $10.00
Expedited Shipping of Replacement Card (DR ADJ EXPEDTD FEE; SVC CHG EXPED CARD) $25.00 per card
Bill Pay Expedited Service (BILL PAYMENT) $9.95 charged each time you request to have your funds delivered one to four business days faster when using the Bill Pay service we make available to you.
Foreign Currency Conversion (SVC CHG INTRNTL TRAN) (see paragraph titled “Foreign Transactions”) 3% of total transaction amount