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Use AccountNow services with confidence knowing we protect
your personal information and keep your account safe and secure.

How We Protect You
Safe and Secure Website
When you sign-up, or log in to your prepaid account you are in a secure page. To know you are in a secure page, your URL address should begin with https:// and a padlock symbol appears in the lower right hand corner of your browser.

We use the highest commercially available encryption – 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) – when you sign-up for our product, or transmit any information from your PC to our servers. 'Encryption' places your data in an unreadable format before it's transmitted over the Internet, preventing unauthorized users from reading the information. Depending on your browser setting, a pop-up window will appear to notify you that you will be entering a secured page.

Automatic Log Out
You will be automatically logged out of the website after a 15 minute period of inactivity if you forget to log-out. Pages viewed during a secure session are not recorded in your PC's temporary files.

Fraud Monitoring
AccountNow uses a wide variety of fraud prevention tools that constantly monitor your account to identify suspicious activity. We:
  • Review transaction activity on your card for unusual activity and contact you to verify unusual activity.
  • Use proprietary fraud prevention software programs to monitor transaction activity.
  • Monitor emerging forms of online and identity theft fraud.
If we suspect unusual or suspicious activity on your account and we are unable to contact you, we may suspend access to your account until we are able to satisfactorily verify the activity is legitimate.
Our Privacy Practices
We want you to understand how we gather and may share your information, the choices you have, and how we protect that information in everything we do.

View our Privacy Statement.

Protecting Your AccountNow Service Information
Below are several ways to protect your AccountNow online service:
  • Protect your user ID and password by memorizing it or write it down and keep it in a safe and secure place. You should not keep this information in your wallet or purse.
  • Protect your card by keeping in a safe place. Tell us immediately if your card is missing or if you suspect that your card or other personal information has been compromised.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not give out your PIN to anyone and do not write the PIN down and do not keep it with your card. Your PIN is a number that should be only known to you to protect your account value.
  • Use your online statements to monitor your account activity.
  • Ensure we have current contact information for you (i.e. telephone numbers, email address, and mailing address) – please notify us promptly when your contact information changes.

What is Phishing and How Can I Avoid It?
Phishing is an attempt to impersonate a company in an electronic communication, such as email or instant messaging. Usually an e-mail is sent claiming to be a legitimate company in an attempt to scam the user into surrendering private information that will be used for identity theft. The e-mail directs the user to visit a web site where they are asked to update personal information, such as passwords and credit card, social security, and bank account numbers, etc. The web site, however, is bogus and set up only to steal the user's information.

To avoid being a victim of a phishing scam, if you ever get an e-mail message from us, read the email several times, and check if something is not right. For example, does the message have misspellings or bad grammar? Is this the first message that you have ever gotten from us?

* We will never ask you to send passwords, login names, Social Security numbers, or other personal information through e-mail. If someone does ask you for it – they do not represent AccountNow, please report that right away.

Other tips to avoid being a victim: Never click on a link within a suspicious message, review your card activity regularly to make sure that no one is stealing from you or making purchases in your name

If in doubt, call and verify the email message with us. Never use the phone number included in the email message though. Instead, use the phone number printed at the back of your AccountNow card.

General Information Protection
There are many ways you can protect yourself online. Here are some helpful tips:

Invest in Anti-Virus Software
There are many different anti-virus programs that will help prevent unknown threats from accessing your computer and, guard against online identity theft. Search for "free anti-virus" online or visit your local office supplies or computer electronics store.

Use Personal Firewalls
A firewall is another way to protect your computer and its contents from outsiders on the Internet. It is software you install on your PC that stops unauthorized traffic to and from your computer. Search for "firewall" online or visit your local office supplies or computer electronics store.

Install an Anti-Spyware Program
Spyware is software that is installed on your PC typically without your consent or knowledge. Its purpose is as its name implies, in other words, it collects a user's information and forwards it to a third party for reasons unknown to the user. In some cases it may even take partial control over the user's interaction with his/her PC.

If you are experiencing slow connection speeds, sudden appearance of different home pages, or a loss of access to the Internet or other programs, you may have spyware on your PC.

Anti-spyware program will detect spyware and eliminates it from your PC.

Security Updates and Patches
Security update is a broadly released fix for a product-specific, security-related vulnerability. Check for patches and updates from time to time to fix any vulnerability in operating systems and Internet browsers.

Password Protect Your Computer
Use a password on your computer to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing your information.
Reporting Fraud
If you receive suspicious email, fall victim to online fraud, or your personal information is compromised or threatened, your immediate action is important.

Contact us immediately:

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By Mail:

AccountNow, Inc.
P.O. Box 5100
Pasadena, CA 91117-0100


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$15 Direct Deposit Bonus§

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AccountNow, Inc. is a BBB Accredited Financial Service in San Ramon, CA

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*IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT PROCEDURES FOR OPENING A NEW CARD ACCOUNT: To help the government fight the funding of terrorism and money laundering activities, federal law requires all financial institutions to obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each person who opens a Card Account. What this means for you: When you open a Card Account, we will ask for your name, address, date of birth, social security number and other information that will allow us to identify you. We may also ask to see a copy of your driver’s license or other identifying documents. Approval is subject to identity verification, as well as and other fraud prevention measures.

**The Visa Zero Liability policy covers U.S. issued cards only and does not apply to ATM transactions, PIN transactions not processed by Visa, or other certain commercial card transactions. Cardholder must notify issuer promptly of any unauthorized use. Consult issuer for additional details or visit

§This offer is available to all AccountNow Gold Visa Prepaid Card customers. To qualify for the $15 direct deposit bonus, within 6 months after being approved to receive a card you must deposit at least $500 in qualifying deposits per month via recurring direct deposit in two or more consecutive months. Bonus must be redeemed by phone at 877-553-3767 within 30 days of meeting qualifications. Please see help for eligibility and redemption requirements.

There is no additional charge for this feature. Fees apply to the prepaid card. See your Cardholder Agreement for fees, terms and conditions.

This is not a credit card. Subject to ID verification.

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